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Wednesday, October 29/ 5:00-7:30/ at Park City Museum

October is the month to renew your membership and plan to attend the annual Dungeon Membership Party.  The Dungeon Party will also be your first opportunity to purchase this year’s ever popular Christmas ornament (you’ll love it!).

Come mingle with your friends and neighbors while enjoying a variety of food and beverages generously provided by Park City restaurants and friends of the museum.

Renew your membership or join today to join the party! You can sign up online by clicking here, or call 435-649-7457.



Few animals have conjured the power and symbolic presence of the North American bison.  Come and explore the meaning and the significance of this great North American icon, from the Plains Indian culture of the 1800s  through the commercial and national symbol of the present.

The Bison: American Icon exhibition will be on view at the Park City Museum from November 10th, 2014 – January 7th, 2015. The Bison exhibit will allow visitors to chart the dramatic changes that occurred to the creature and its habitat, and to the people who depended on it for their daily existence. Whether painted on a tipi or an artist’s canvas, minted on a nickel or seen grazing in Yellowstone National Park, the image of the bison stirs deep loyalties to the North American landscape.  The exhibition also illuminates the human response that eventually led to the bison’s preservation as a species and a symbol in the 20th century.

The Bison: American Icon has been made possible by NEH on the Road, a special initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The exhibit was originally developed by the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana, and co-curated by Anne Morand and Dr. Lynne Spriggs.



Tuesday, November 11 / Tour of Exhibit 5:00; Presentation 5:30-6:30

Join us at the Park City Museum at 5:30pm as historian Will Bagley tells some great buffalo tales and tries to explain what happened to this great beast and American icon. For a tour of the latest traveling exhibit, The Bison: American Icon, meet Park City Museum staff at the museum front desk at 5:00 for a brief tour of the exhibit before the presentation. This event is free and open to the public.

I almost wish I had not shot him,” wrote Jonas Call, “he was such a noble animal.”

It might be hard to imagine a buffalo herd grazing on the broad fields of Snyderville Basin or Heber Valley, but naturalists have found bison bones in Echo Canyon. Wakara, the great Ute raider and warrior, recalled seeing “buffalo more plentiful than Mormon cattle” when he was a boy. With its massive bearded head, Pleistocene horns, and shaggy brown coat, its great hump and powerful shoulders, an American bison can measure twelve feet from nose to tale, stand six feet tall at the shoulder, and weigh well over one ton. Millions of bison once ranged from Pennsylvania to Florida to Oregon and California and from Mexico to the Yukon. George Washington shot buffalo along the Ohio River in 1770, and Ohio’s last bison died about 1803. On the Great Plains and in the Rocky Mountains, the buffalo were once “in numbers—numberless.” Historian Andrew Isenberg estimated the sustainable bison population was once between 27 and 30 million animals.


Will Bagley is a Fellow of the Utah State Historical Society and has written about overland emigration, frontier violence, railroads, mining, computers, and the Mormons. He appeared in the Discovery Channel’s recent “Gold Fever” and in the American Experience episode of “The Mormons” and is completing the Arthur H. Clark Company’s 16-volume series, Kingdom in the West: The Mormons and the American Frontier. He has won Best Book awards from the Western History Association, the Denver Public Library, Westerners International, and three Spurs from Western Writers of America



Thursday, November 13

Enjoy Free Admission to the Park City Museum today! Visit for the first time, revisit your favorite exhibits, or come check out our traveling exhibit, “The Bison: American Icon” that explores the meaning and significance of this iconic creature from the Plains Indian culture of the 1800s through the commercial and national symbol of the present. We will have hands on activities all about “The Bison” in the Tozer Gallery throughout the day.

This free day has been generously sponsored by Edna Tipton.



Saturday, December 27/ starting 6:00 pm/at Stein Eriksen Lodge

We are excited to announce our annual Silver Queen Ball

Join us for an evening of dinner, dancing, and auction at the Stein Eriksen Lodge. This year’s entertainment will feature The Orchestra, starring former ELO members “Performing ELO Greatest Hits”.

For more information and to purchase tickets please click here.

All proceeds benefit the Park City Museum.